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Your terms and conditions of use

Rule 1

You are welcome to contact the Audio dealer at the phone number listed at the top of the INFORMATIONS - ABOUT US page, during the hours specified. Note that Carvin dealer is located in Timisoara, Romania, European Union and therefore operates on east-central european time zone (GMT+2H).

You may also use the contact forms listed in the box on the right to direct your question to a specific department. Someone will respond to your request as soon as possible. If you need urgent assistance, it's recommended that you call our number listed above.

We will never ask for your personal information such as passwords or credit card information via email. Fake messages like these, called "phishing" messages, are becoming more popular methods on the internet for scammers trying to trick you into giving away your personal information. If you receive a message claiming to be from Carvin asking for this type of information, DO NOT RESPOND. Please notify the webmaster so we can investigate. The same goes for other organizations - PayPal, your bank, - they will never ask you to submit a password, credit card info, your Social Security number or other personal data via email. As long as you don't respond to these types of messages, your personal data will remain secure.

Rubin srl (+04) 0722.282850; (+04)0356.425922; (+04)0356.425923

Rule 2

You can track orders placed on our web-shop, as well as orders placed over the phone, on email, or via other methods such as postal mail. If you're looking for shipping information on orders placed on, and you created a new account or used an existing account, you'll simply log in to your Account (in the menu bar on right side) to view the status and get the tracking number. For phone/postal mail orders, you'll need your Sales Order Number and phone number associated with the order, OR the phone number and zip/postal code associated with the order. For orders placed on using Paypal, you'll need the email associated with your Paypal account and the number of your order.

Rule 3


All repairs, parts and technical questions are referred to this site for customer service. You can print your own MANUALS and SCHEMATICS for product operation and repairs. You have access to help diagnose problems in the TROUBLESHOOTING guide which includes biasing tube amps. If parts are required, order your REPLACEMENT PARTS on-line. You can contact our repair departments by emailing .

* Some schematics are not available.


Start with the TROUBLESHOOTING guide to help with specific problems. This feature is divided into different categories. Click on the category that fits the description of your product. This is a valuable tool to help you understand the product and to possibly correct the problem instead of returning the product saving you time and money.


Order REPLACEMENT PARTS on-line, which are unique to your product. Once your order is placed, it will be processed and shipped via Curier. Common parts such as capacitors, resistors, diodes, etc., are available on-line from other sources such as or


ELECTRONICS: All guitar/bass amplifiers and pro sound electronics are warranted for 1 YEAR. All DCM Series power amps are warranted for 3 YEARS against manufacture's defects.

SPEAKER SYSTEMS: All C412,412V,GX and Vintage Series speakers systems are warranted for 1 YEAR against manufacturer's defects. Carvin dealer takes no responsibility for any horn driver or speaker damaged by any amplifier product. The warranty does not cover: speaker or driver failure due to an open or rubbing voice coil.

GUITARS: All guitars and basses, including Cobalt acoustic guitars, are warranted for 5 years against manufacturer's defects. The following items are not covered under warranty: a) fret wear, b) damaged caused by incorrect use of instrument, c) broken truss rods due to improper adjustment, d) crack or warping due to extreme weather conditions or improper storage.

TUBES: Tubes are warranted for 90 days against manufacture's defects.

The warranty does not cover: Speaker or driver failure due to an open or rubbing voice coil, or failure caused by any influence from misuse, dropped, dents, scratches, chemicals, paint, dust, wind, smoke, fire, water, liquid, moisture, salty or corrosive environment, and normal wear and tear.

The customer is responsible for shipping charges to Carvin's Authorized Repair Center. Carvin-audio will pay only for the return shipping to the address but only in justified cases of manufacturing defects.

If your product arrives damaged or not working...

1. Fill out and return the mail form
2. Send the completed mail form form along with photographs of the damaged unit to:
3. You will receive an email containing instructions on where to ship your amp.
4. Once we have received confirmation that your package has been picked up we will send a replacement unit with tracking information.

If you have a problem...

1. Refer to your user manual for proper setup and use.
2. Next, review the troubleshooting guide online at
3. If you are unable to resolve the problem, download and complete the mail_form
4. Send the completed form to : You will receive an email containing shipping instructions for your package.
5. You will be notified when your package has been received by our repair center along with estimated completion time.
6. Upon completion your repair will be returned to you along with a tracking number. Return shipping will be paid by Carvin in justified causes.

Service Centers & Warranty Terms

Carvin products will be serviced via our authorized service center. All non warranty claims will be billed to the customer from the repair center. Non warranty repair will be the customer's responsibility. Carvin Authorized Service center warranty the repair work for 90 days.

Non Warranty repair information: Non warranty repairs can be carried out at Carvin Authorized Service centers or at a repair center of your choice. Carvin will make available replacement parts as requested by the customer or service center for a fee. Carvin will supply the customer or repair center with the necessary information (manuals , schematics* or technical assistance).

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